The Second Half Shift

Are you where you want to be?

Mid-Life Career Check-Up

Mid-life circumstances often prompt executives to conduct a re-evaluation of personal, business and family priorities that impact career status and/or direction. A variety of articles and data show that increasing numbers of executives are making mid-life career transitions, in some cases voluntarily, in others involuntarily.

In a Business Week magazine special report, “How to Reinvent Yourself Post-Recession,” author Bob Buford states that “hard times have driven many to pause, take stock, and chart a new course for the second half of life.” Beyond current global economic conditions, many of today’s Baby Boomer executives are dealing with a whole host of new and different circumstances that affect their career direction decisions. Among the more common circumstances are:

Changing financial circumstances: lower income or factoring in a longer
expected lifespan
Age discrimination in the workplace
Need to master new skills such as changing computer technologies and social
networking applications
Careers disappearing or being outsourced
Changing priorities regarding how to spend time: caring for aging parents, visiting
grandchildren,traveling, volunteering
Health issues
Defining retirement: different work, part-time work


New Beginnings

A successful career transition takes hard work. It requires that you take a thorough inventory of your skills and abilities, along with an honest look at what you want. Linda Haines Associates helps guide you through a process of discovery, definition and direction that will enable you to:

Gain greater clarity around your values, wants and needs
Articulate exactly what you are seeking in your new career
Define areas of focus in order to be successful
Communicate to prospective employers your unique qualities and how they are
relevant to the employers’ needs


A Hands-On Approach

We work with you “hands-on” to guide you every step of the way.

Gather data and administer assessments: values, likes/dislikes, priorities and standard
assessment tools like Myers-Briggs, Hogan
Create the Possibilities and Direction tool: outlines key points you want prospective
employers to know, and what you want in a new career; helps establish direction
Create network for gathering input on the Possibilities and Directions tool:
casting a wide net, then beginning to narrow the scope of possibilities and choices
Refine a clear direction
Create an action plan

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